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Air conditioning units have become an essential appliance in our homes.

In Cleveland, the units have the most important function as an air cooling system.

Air conditioners save us from hot and humid weather and help us be more comfortable inside our homes and work establishments.

Households may opt for window or split type of aircons, while establishments tend to go for centralized air conditioners.

However, just like most high technology appliances, these air conditioners, including central air conditioners, need proper maintenance in order for them to last a long time.

If not properly maintained, the unit may need to be replaced even before it reaches its expected lifespan.

In order to prevent this, you may call for an AC company to help you with the maintenance or, if you like, do it yourself.

Listed below are the steps to help you with your central air conditioner maintenance.

1.  Turn off the power unit.

Keep in mind that you must always not forget to shut off the power source when working with any appliances that operate on electricity.

Checking on your air conditioning system while it is on can be dangerous.

Thus, never forget to shut off the power source.

You can find the power unit on the external shut-off box near the unit on the exterior condenser.

You can power off the breaker box if indoors.

2.  Remove dirt and debris.

To officially start the maintenance, you have to remove the cage of the fan with a suitable screwdriver or wrench and remove any debris in the interior part of your air conditioner.

This part is to prevent more dirt from getting further inside the system.

3.  Clean the fins

Every air conditioner has fins.

To clean these, you completely remove the outer covers and use a brush to remove all outside dirt.

Next, using a gentle stream hose, clean the finds by spraying them starting with the inside of the system to remove any built-up dirt from between them.

Take note that using items such as pressure washers can damage the fins.

4.  Straighten the fins

After cleaning the fins, check if there is any misalignment with them.

If you can observe something that in your air conditioner, you should carefully straighten the bent fins.

Misaligned or bent fins can cause a reduction in the air-flow, thus reducing the efficiency.

Always be careful in handling any parts of your air conditioner.

5.  Level the air conditioning unit

Note that there is a pad where the condenser unit sits.

As time passes by, the soil will settle under the pad, causing uneven level condenser.

Condenser units that are not leveled can cause damage to the compressor and might not last any longer.

The next thing you should do is check the beneath of your condenser and use any rot-resistant shims to even the level again.

If your air conditioning system fails, you might need to call for central air conditioning system installation services near you.

6.  Clean the clogged evaporator drain.

Another maintenance that you should never skip is cleaning the clogged evaporator drain.

The cold evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the air in your interior before the air circulates back into your space.

The humidity in the air condenses with the cold evaporator coil as water dripping from your air conditioning systems.

Gradually, mold can build up and can plug the drain.

This can flood the floor and damage it, or your air conditioner might stop cooling.

To prevent this, you must first find the drain line and follow it to the end where it drains.

It is usually located on the exterior part of the system, near the condenser unit.

If you successfully found it, use either a wet or dry vacuum to clean the drain.

7.  Turn the power back on.

If you have completed the air conditioning maintenance, you can turn your power back on and check if it properly cools your space.

However, do not forget there is still more maintenance that should be checked or done only by any professional technicians, such as a slow refrigerant leak in your air conditioner system.

Wrong handling with this problem might lead you to far more expensive repairs.

Therefore, keep in mind to have your air conditioning systems professionally checked at least twice a year.

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