About Us

Serving The Cleveland Community

We’ve been serving the Cleveland community which we know and love since our company’s inception. We strive to provide excellent work, parts and service to all of our customers alike without the huge price tag so often found.

We know there are a huge number of options available here in Cleveland when it comes to air conditioning services, but we’re different from the rest. We’re different because we have decades of combined experience with access to excellent chosen suppliers who’s parts we know and trust to last for years. All the parts we provide come with an industry-leading warranty that will leave you with a peace of mind that your new air conditioning is built to last.

Life-changing for many of our customers

You may have never had air conditioning before and are unsure on whether to finally get it after suffering with too many sweaty, sleepless nights due to unbearable heat. If this sounds like you, it doesn’t have to be that way! A good air conditioning unit with the correct filters can help allergy sufferers breathe and sleep easier. It’s been life-changing for many of our customers and you could be the next.

If you’ve already decided that you want air conditioning fitted to your home but simply don’t know where to get started or who to talk to – don’t worry – you’ve found us!

We don’t just stop at residential properties either!

Our crew is highly trained in house and have decades of experience not only in everything related to air conditioning but also pride themselves on providing our clients with exceptional customer service. Right for the get-go, you’ll know you made the right choice by choosing HVAC Cleveland Pros as we talk you through any questions and queries you may have.

We don’t just stop at residential properties either! We’ve been trusted by Cleveland’s best businesses to help keep their employees breathing clean and cool air, keep their productivity high.

Service, in short, is not what we do, but who we are.

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