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Air conditioners are one of the best technologies in our homes.

It helps to adjust indoor environments to become cozy, especially in homes.

With air conditioners, you stay warm in cold seasons and cool in hot seasons.

As such, it is essential to keep the whole system well-maintained so that it is functional at all times.

Due to intense temperature differences, this is when an air conditioner tune-up in Cleveland comes in handy.

What is a Tune-Up?

Tune-ups are performed by checking the whole air conditioning system for any component wear and failures and accumulated dirt.

Thus, technicians who perform the tune-up will clean out dirt and debris, especially on the filters where accumulation can restrict the flow of air.

Aside from replacing or cleaning filters, the technician will also inspect refrigerant levels to ensure that it meets the manufacturers’ specifications.

Moreover, each component of the system is thoroughly inspected to find and fix any faults that could potentially damage the functionality of the air conditioner.

What are the Specific Tune-Ups Performed?

Below are the necessary actions required to maintain a reliable and efficient air conditioning system:


Since the air that comes out of air conditioning systems originally came from the surroundings, it’s only natural that it carries the substances already present.

However, AC systems have filters to prevent dirty airborne substances from circulating, so that it blows out clean air instead.

As such, the airborne substances are trapped in the filter.

Over time, the dirt can accumulate, which can block airflow out of the system.

This results in homeowners feeling like the AC system isn’t giving out coolness or warmth as it should, thus they increase the power to feel better effects.

Due to this reduced efficiency, an increase in the electricity bill is an obvious outcome.

However, an air conditioner tune-up in Cleveland can prevent this by having the filters regularly cleaned and replaced.

Evaporator Coils

Although having different functions, an evaporator coil can accumulate dirt over time, just like the filter.

The dirt can also block airflow and decrease the heat that can be absorbed by the coil.

With regular tune-ups, this can be prevented, resulting in a highly efficient and functional AC system throughout its use.

Drain Channel

Aside from controlling the indoor temperature, air conditioners can also reduce humidity through condensate drain channels.

However, dirt can accumulate within these channels and block the flow of water.

This accumulation will prevent the AC system from controlling the humidity of the home, which leads to excessive moisture building up indoors.

Moreover, excessive moisture can lead to molds growing inside.

As such, regular tune-ups are necessary to avoid additional money spent on maintaining homes.

Refrigerant Level

In simpler terms, a refrigerant is a chemical compound most commonly used in freezers, fire suppression systems, and air-conditioning systems.

Basically, it’s the component that transfers heat from one area to another.

If the air conditioning system does not have a sufficient refrigerant level, it could blow out hot air when you don’t need it to.

With regular tune-ups, the refrigerant level is inspected and adjusted to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Duct Leaks

Over time, the normal use of the air conditioner can form cracks in air ducts.

Due to this, air leaks out before it is blown out indoors.

Not only does this cause problems with air quality, but it creates warm spots around the house.

Homeowners would not know the real problem, so increasing power would be their normal solution.

However, they are not aware that the AC system’s efficiency is actually reduced, and increasing the power only needlessly increases the electricity bill.

The importance of tune-ups is further emphasized in this situation, so homeowners can avoid paying extra for bills.

Oil Motors and Belts

The belts and motors in an air conditioning system are the most important components that make the fan and compressor work.

When these are faulty, the whole system could malfunction sooner rather than later.

Moreover, defects in these components will result in the unit being unusually noisy, which can reduce the ambiance of the home.

To avoid worst-case scenarios, it is necessary that the whole system is inspected through regular tune-ups.

Other Components

There are more components that need to be inspected due to the complicated structure of air conditioning systems.

To maintain the efficiency and reliability of the unit and to avoid unnecessary AC repair, call for regular tune-ups!

For regular tune-ups, choose HVAC Cleveland Pros!

At HVAC Cleveland Pros, we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction.

Moreover, our skilled technicians will guarantee a thorough tune-up of your HVAC unit!

For an air conditioner tune-up in Cleveland and other air conditioner repair concerns, call us now!

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