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Commercial air conditioners keep office spaces and establishments cool and comfortable.

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Unfortunately, like most mechanical devices that run continuously throughout the day, these require maintenance and repair.

Commercial air conditioner repair may need some expertise that most business or establishment owners do not have.

If you need an AC repair in Cleveland, you might want to consider HVAC Cleveland Pros.

We can cater to your home and commercial air conditioning repair needs.

However, before you decide to call us, we recommend that you identify the problem your commercial air conditioner may have.

We have listed some of the most common commercial air conditioning issues that will require professional repair down below.

Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

1.  Air Conditioning or Cooling is Inconsistent

One of the most common problems is an inconsistent flow of air or an inconsistent regulation of the temperature.

This problem is usually called out by tenants or employees in the building or establishment who spend long hours in one room or area.

The most common reason for this is a leak within the ductwork of the air conditioner or a faulty thermostat.

For this, the thermostat must be inspected to ensure that it is properly working.

Repairing leaking ductwork is far more complex and should be left to professionals.

2.  Rooftop Units Have Incurred Damage

Most, if not all, commercial air conditioning units are installed or located on the roof of an establishment or building.

Severe weather conditions such as storms, extreme heat from the sun, or even dust and dirt blown by the wind may damage the units.

These will ultimately mess with the airflow or temperature regulation of the commercial air conditioner.

It is recommended that the units be inspected every few months to see if any immediate commercial air conditioning repair is needed.

3.  Issues In Ventilation

Issues concerning the air conditioner’s ventilation will cause it to malfunction or even overheat especially during summer.

The vents may not have been set up correctly, or small objects or debris could have obstructed them.

While it is possible to inspect the ventilation paths yourself, a professional would be able to do a more thorough inspection.

4.  Drain Lines Get Clogged

Commercial air conditioners naturally generate moisture due to how the air is cooled.

Much like a toilet or sink, the drain lines of a commercial air conditioner may get clogged, which will cause it to either malfunction or stop working.

The inspection of the drain lines may be done in conjunction with the inspection of the ventilation paths.

5.  Unusual Or Unsettling Noises

Any unusual or unsettling noise coming from the vents or the commercial air conditioning unit itself should not be ignored.

Hearing any of these may be a sign of very dangerous mechanical problems within the unit.

Contact a professional technician if the noise persists.

6.  Fuses Have Blown

A commercial air conditioner that suddenly or randomly shuts off is a telltale sign of a problem.

Air conditioning units usually do this when they overheat.

The units shut off in order to avoid damaging themselves as well as potentially becoming a safety hazard to people around them.

When this happens, go to the circuit breaker and check for blown fuses.

Once you have confirmed the status of the fuses, seek help from a professional for commercial air conditioning repair.

7.  Capacitors Have Burned

Regular inspections and routine maintenance can preempt most commercial air conditioning issues.

However, similar to the rooftop units, weather damage or overheating may result in burned capacitors.

These parts cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced.

8.  Capacity Issues

If regular maintenance did not show anything wrong with the commercial air conditioning system, then it may be a problem with the capacity.

The systems are designed to cool and condition the air in places based on the size.

This means that insufficient or even excess capacity of the air conditioning system for the building or establishment could be the problem.

If you think that there is an issue with the capacity, consult and seek advice from a professional.

Need help with commercial air conditioning repair? Call HVAC Cleveland Pros!

Regardless of the severity of the issue, HVAC Cleveland Pros can guarantee quality air conditioner repair services at the right price.

You can trust us to do all the hard work for you.

Call us now to inquire about our repair and maintenance services.

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