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Air conditioners have slowly replaced electric fans when it comes to cooling down.

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Air conditioners have more advanced features that could provide cooler air faster, making them a more efficient option compared to an electric fan.

This is the reason why most home and business owners opt for an air conditioner, especially when situated in warm places.

Most households choose the most popular types of air conditioning units: the window, and split air conditioners.

On the other hand, most business establishments prefer central air conditioners to be more practical.

Purchasing a central air conditioning system might be more on the expensive side, but it is the best choice to save more energy.

It may be the most convenient choice, but just like any other machinery, a centralized air conditioner is also prone to damages.

It could be worrying, but when is the right time to call for a central air conditioning system repair?

Here are some examples of common issues with centralized air conditioners, and how to troubleshoot them.

The system does not turn on

It could be really worrying when the air conditioner will not turn on.

How will it be able to do its job properly if it will not even switch on?

When an air conditioning system refuses to activate, there might be some problems with the circuit breaker, thermostat, or its internal switch is turned off.

For early troubleshooting, check the thermostat and see whether it is set properly.

If the problem is not within the thermostat, ensure that all switches pertaining to the air conditioner are switched on.

The issue could also be caused by a full condensate tray, so make sure to empty it out and try turning the unit on again.

If none of these solve the problem, then the issue might be with the circuit breaker itself.

Examine whether a fuse or the circuit breaker itself is damaged; then, replace it right away.

However, manual replacement of anything that is involved with the circuit breaker could be very risky.

When the problem involves something as risky as a circuit breaker, it would be ideal to call for a central air conditioning system repair.

Handling the electrical fuse alone could lead to more damages to the unit.

Thus, getting professional help from an AC company would be more appropriate.

There is poor airflow

One of the most common issues with centralized air conditioning systems is poor airflow.

This is usually caused by a dirty filter or blocked ductwork.

When faced with this problem, check the air filter first since the problem could be caused by dust accumulation.

Clean the filter right away, and make sure to reinstall it properly to avoid more damages in the future.

It is also important to ensure that the vents are fully open.

If the problem is not with its air filter, there could be damages within the HVAC duct.

Examine the ductwork properly, and check whether there are visible damages or any disconnections.

For any ductwork damages, it is recommended to get professional help in replacing or repairing any of the damaged parts.

The compressor cycle is short

One of the most prevalent signs of a compressor that is too short is when the unit frequently turns on and off.

This could be caused by numerous problems: iced coils, damaged thermostat, or leakage in the refrigerant.

For early troubleshooting, make sure that the thermostat is not damaged and is working properly.

Check whether the condenser fins are not excessively dirty or bent, and simply realign it with a fin comb.

If there are any leaks in the refrigerant, fixing it alone could lead to more damages.

It would be best to call for a professional for more convenience and to avoid encountering the same problem again.

Looking for a place to get your AC repair in Cleveland? Call HVAC Cleveland Pros now!

When it comes to central air conditioning system repair, doing it manually could be very risky especially when done by a non-professional.

Regardless of how serious the problem is, getting professional help would be more convenient.

Not to mention, it would prevent injuries from occurring.

To get the best AC repair service in Cleveland, contact HVAC Cleveland Pros now for a more efficient way of fixing your damaged air conditioning system.

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