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Professional Central Air Conditioning System Consulting Service

Air conditioning systems replaced the loud electric fans and have changed our lives for the better.

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It helped us keep away from the constant heat and humidity.

The air conditioner has made our spaces nice and cold.

Working in the office has never been this comfortable.

However, it is not always rainbows and butterflies with this excellent system.

Frequent and improper use of air conditioning systems can cause damage to the system and ultimately break it.

Whether the unit is a window, split or central type, maintenance is important to keep it intact.

Getting a new one, especially a new central air conditioning unit, would be more costly than maintaining the current one.

That is why it is imperative never to skip maintenance days with HVAC companies and to regularly consult for possible repair needs.

For that reason, when is the perfect time to contact and consult for an AC repair?

Below are the signs of any failing central air conditioning systems and what you can do.

Air is not getting cold, or the room stays warm.

As its name suggests, air conditioning systems condition the air and cools your room.

However, if the temperature fails to go low, you can first check if you have set the right temperature in your thermostat.

You can try lowering your thermostat by five degrees and see if your air conditioning system functions well.

If this does not solve the problem and your system is blowing the warm air, you must contact air conditioner repair services.

You can seek central air conditioning system consulting to help you with this problem.

Loud and strange noises.

Air conditioning systems are famous for their quiet functions.

However, if you hear loud and strange noises, sometimes the reason for this is loose parts.

Usually, the noises you can hear are buzzing, squealing, rattling, or unusual humming sounds.

A loose part can cause expensive damages.

If you observe these frequent loud and strange noises coming from your air conditioning system, it is better to contact HVAC companies for AC repair to prevent further damages.

The condenser does not turn on.

The condenser plays an essential part in the air conditioning system.

It is responsible for receiving high-pressure gas from the compressor and converting this gas to liquid.

Damaged condensers will not be able to produce much cool air, resulting in higher electricity bills.

To check if you have any problems with your condenser, first, check your system if it is plugged into the power source and if your thermostat is also functioning well.

If these do not solve any problem, it is most likely that your condenser might be the problem.

Suppose you do not have any skills or experience in air conditioning repair.

In that case, it is best to call a professional for central air conditioning system consulting to discuss this problem and solutions.

Weak airflow

If you are experiencing a low or weak airflow from your system, you can do the repairs yourself.

If any problems persist, you can call a professional technician.

The first thing you can do is replace your system’s air filter as a filter that is clogged and dirty can cause a weak airflow.

Next is to open and check all the unit’s registers and vents.

After that, you can try sealing  the leaks of the air duct using aluminum foil tape or mastic sealant.

Take note that having weak airflow may also mean that there are problems with the compressor of your air conditioning system.

As mentioned, you must immediately call for professional help in connection to this.

Freon and condensate leaks.

The freon is responsible for creating cool air.

Also, you must know that every air conditioning system needs a coolant or also known as a refrigerant.

That is why it is important to keep the Freon in its best condition for optimal air conditioning system performance.

If you observe any moisture around your system, it can be a huge problem.

Having a leaking refrigerant may make your electricity bill rise.

Your space may also take longer to cool since warm air comes out of your vents.

The frozen evaporator may also coils, and you may notice hissing or bubbling noises.

If you observe any of these signs, you must immediately call for professional help since the refrigerant is poisonous and can be hazardous to your pets and children.

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