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Keeping a home is not as easy as it sounds.

A house comes with a great responsibility that is bestowed upon a homeowner.

Failure to carry out such a responsibility can result in mismanagement and disarray in the home.

Being a homeowner is not easy.

However, it can be pretty rewarding as well.

The well-being of the family and the self is at stake here.

As a homeowner, you have to learn to do things that you have never done before.

Moreover, you have to know how things work and what things are to be able to survive in the field of ownership.

A responsible homeowner knows a little about things.

Take, for example, your air conditioning and heating appliances.

The HVAC of the home is essential to those who live in it.

Without proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the home, and its residents may not survive, especially during these changing conditions.

Knowing how these things work may help you a great deal of safety, not to mention money, if you ever have to hire a professional to look into it or make repairs.

Hence, to help you as a homeowner, here are some tips on HVAC terms you should know about:

ACH or Air Changes Per Hour

One of the HVAC terms you should know about is the ACH.

This refers to the air changes per hour, which means the number of times within an hour that a room is provided with air through the use of ventilation in either a mechanical or natural way.

AFUE or Annual Fuel Efficiency Ratio

Another one of the HVAC terms you should know is the AFUE, which refers to the measuring system of the efficiency of energy that is provided by the heating system.

This informs you of how much fuel is utilized to be able to supply heat into your home.

BTU (British Thermal Unit)

The BTU refers to the measurement of heat energy that is utilized to determine the rate of cooling, heating, or dehumidifying in an HVAC system.

A single BTU is equated to the amount of energy that is required to raise the temperature of the home.


This refers to the device that has the ability to remove the heat from a liquid through the use of a vapor-compression system or absorption refrigeration cycle.

Here, the liquid that is cooled by the chiller flows into the ventilation system of the building.

The air uses the pipes and coils in the air to spread through the room.


The coil refers to the equipment that spreads the heat transfer to air whenever it is placed within ductwork or an air handling unit.

The air is heated or cooled through electrical ways or through the use of circulating liquid.


This is the device that controls the operation of all parts of the HVAC system.

It is used to turn the power of the device either on or off.

It can also be used to modulate the set point of some components.

Furthermore, these controllers are automatic, which can also be used to set the temperature of the air conditioner or a thermostat.


This refers to the specialized pipes or channels in the air that is used for the airflow in the home.

It allows the air supply, the return air, and the exhaust air to pass through.


This refers to the device that is used to reduce the levels of humidity in the air.

The system works by cooling the air to a certain point where the water is turned to liquid from its vapor form, which is in turn removed.


This refers to the equipment that is placed over the ductwork.

This works by separating the air with vanes that go through different directions.

Hence, it distributes the airflow evenly in various directions.

Evaporator coil

This refers to the coil that is used for the primary refrigeration system’s cycle that either adds or absorbs heat to the HVAC system.

It is used to either absorb heat from a liquid from the air.

The evaporator is located in the cold part of the air conditioner or a heat pump which is found within an air handler or within a furnace.

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