How to choose an A/C unit for your business

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There are different types of workplaces that we are at, sometimes having an air-conditioning unit helps a lot more to cool down the surroundings while working. Isn’t it too hard to focus on your work when it’s too hot?

When choosing an air-conditioner unit, we need to be mindful of the things that should be considered to go or choose a more convenient and compatible unit for our workplace.

For instance, when your workplace is small, would you buy a big air-conditioning unit? Of course not.

That would be too expensive, and inconvenient for our business because this type of the unit will consume a lot of electricity, and it is expensive.

In our business, we should be mindful of every little expense that goes out of our company because any wrong decisions towards our expenses may cause a loss rather than profit.

This is why we need to take a lot of considerations when choosing an air-conditioner that is suitable for our business.

Here’s how to choose an A/C unit for you business.

How To Choose an Air conditioner unit for your business

Air-conditioners are commonly used to cool down our room when the temperature is too hot.

Focusing on work at an uncomfortable temperature is distressing to our minds.

Thus, having one is kind of expensive for it consumes a lot of power supply.

Finding a suitable air-conditioning unit for your workplace is quite difficult because you will need to consider many factors.

We can consider some advice when choosing a convenient and suitable air-conditioning unit for our business.

Things to be considered in choosing a suitable air conditioner for your business include:

  1. The size of your business workplace.
  2. The capacity or the capability of the unit to be able to accommodate the whole area.
  3. Cost and quality of the unit.
  4. The size of the air-conditioning unit.
  5. Do not use a too large air conditioning unit in a small workplace area. This may take up too much space in your workplace and is not convenient. As much as possible, choose a size that suits your workplace.
  6. Choose a good quality air-conditioner for it will give better service and we will save money because we won’t need to replace it repeatedly, for it is a quality product.
  7. Know the different types of air conditioning units so you can have various choices to choose from. In this way, we can be mindful of which is best and more suitable for business.

Different Types of AC are Suitable for Different Areas

1. Single – Splits – for small areas, such as offices that only accommodate one or two people, coffee shops, or individual rooms.

2. Multi-Splits – if the workplace is quite big or spacious like diners and large offices. These are multiple cooling units that are connected to one outdoor single large air-conditioning unit.

3. VRF/ VRV – This unit offers a unit with a single condenser and more than just a single condenser. This air conditioner system includes a heat pump that acts as a refrigerant in the cooling and heating process. We can choose from these two systems, the VRF and the VRV.

4. CAV/VAV – CAV has a steady flow of air while the VAV or the Varying Airflow can change the airflow depending on your desired way. These types of units are single-duct.

5. Industrial box fans – are best when used in large areas such as warehouses.

Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

It is important to know the area where we will put the air conditioning unit so we can consider the necessary things to save and give the best and suitable air conditioner for the workplace.

We should know which is better for the work space, such as whether the air conditioner would be duct-based or ductless.

A ductless system uses air handlers to release air into different areas, this is basic on how to choose an A/C for your business.

At the same time, duct-based allows air to go through the whole area or workplace.

It is best to choose this, the duct-based, to control and innovate the airflow inside the whole building or workplace.

Thus, ductless is also best, but only if we need to add another air conditioning unit in a single room.

Nevertheless, when choosing an air conditioning unit it is still best to get some help from trusted technicians to get advice and make good decisions as to which air conditioner is the best to satisfy your needs and wants.

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