HVAC Preventive Maintenance Guide

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Investing in good air conditioning is a must nowadays.

After being outside when the weather is hot or after a tiring day from work, we usually feel more comfortable and relaxed when we enter a room with air conditioning.

It has also become an essential appliance in most business areas, giving employees and clients that nice cold air.

In Cleveland, summer can get really hot and humid with an average temperature of up to 90°F so having HVAC companies install this technology may be the best decision for our homes.

With different models that come out every year and features that allow us to enjoy it efficiently and with more ease, HVAC is definitely an essential part of most residential structures.

However, frequent usage of the unit without proper maintenance can damage it earlier than its average lifespan.

You can call for help with a company when this happens, or you can take note of this HVAC preventive maintenance guide listed for you below:

Set a reminder to clean the filter.

Days can get really busy and with all the things happening around us, we tend to forget that it is important to clean our HVAC filters regularly.

Doing so can significantly improve the overall performance of our units and increase their efficiency.

It may seem like a difficult task to do at home, but it’s actually really easy and doable.

First, make sure that the unit is turned off and find the filter.

Plunge it in a bucket of water and use the hands to get rid of any dirt from the material.

Wash it with running water afterward to clean it further, and then dry before reinserting.

Keep the outside unit clear and neat.

We tend to consider our outside units less, but it is actually as important as the indoor ones.

Since it is usually unprotected from the harsh weather outside, make sure to check if there are leaves, dirt, or debris around it.

Clean the inside and outside with water if necessary to allow the unit to function smoothly.

Get rid of any growth and vegetation that can hinder the exhaust air from working correctly and cut any plants and shrubs that can cover the outside unit.

Pay attention to drain lines.

When HVAC drain lines are clogged, we usually need to call professionals for AC repair.

However, we can avoid the problem with proper care and maintenance of our condensate drain lines.

First, we must never forget to turn off our units and the breaker to prevent electrical issues and ensure safety.

Afterward, locate the drain lines near the outdoor units attached to the house.

Identify the access point of the unit’s drain line, which usually has a T-shaped vent covered by a cap.

Remove the cap and inspect if there is dirt, water, or any blockage in the drain.

Pour a sufficient amount of distilled vinegar into the drain line and let the solution sit for 30mins at most.

Flush it out with water and see if everything is flowing and functioning as it should.

Make sure to get AC maintenance annually.

Annual maintenance may seem costly and unnecessary, but we can actually save more in doing so.

This HVAC preventive maintenance guide can be a challenging task to do at home, so it is best to consider hiring professionals to do the job.

Ensuring that our units are working at their peak efficiency through yearly preventive maintenance can cut our energy bills.

Moreover, it can help extend the system life of our AC, saving us from the hassle of having HVAC installations too soon.

Annual maintenance can be considered a relatively small investment compared to spending more money purchasing new units to replace damaged ones.

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