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Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Homeowners must ensure a safe and stable environment in their houses.

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Creating a safe environment involves maintaining the air flowing at a comfortable temperature.

It also involves keeping the house clean and free from contaminants.

Several of us spend most of our time indoors on a daily basis.

Employees who work in an office or inside an establishment, in particular, spend a lot of time indoors.

Employees who work indoors with the right environment are known to have better performance.

In fact, indoor air quality significantly affects our health and productivity.

Indoor Air

People who have access to adequate ventilation indoors have significantly lesser chances of acquiring acute respiratory illnesses.

Besides, adequate ventilation provides an environment that smells excellent!

This could generally affect task performance and mood.

Pleasant temperature, relative humidity, and indoor air quality affect a person’s sensory and olfactory systems.

Indoor air quality pertains to the quality of air inside and around establishments, buildings and other structures that may impact the health and comfort of occupants.

The coldness, hotness, humidity, ventilation, and contaminants found within the building affect indoor air quality.

The levels of carbon dioxide within a space is also a relevant indicator of the indoor air quality.

Air pollutants and their health risks

The quality of the air we breathe indoors and outdoors directly affects our health and comfort.

The EPA reports that many pollutants’ indoor levels may be a hundred times higher than outdoor levels.

Bad indoor air quality contributes to fatigue and loss of focus and may even lead to potential illnesses.

Polluted air triggers many health problems that may cause more significant issues in the future.

Irritated eyes and mouth, nausea, and headaches are signs of exposure to harmful air.

These signs look almost similar to fall allergies, but you can note when and where the symptoms appear.

Having bad-smelling air or condensed moisture in the windows could be indicators of poor air quality.

Poor indoor air quality is among the top three health hazards for homeowners with the highest health concerns.

Indoor quality not only pertains to dirt and dust around the home; it involves more than that.

Dirty HVAC equipment may also cause low air quality inside your house that needs repairing.

There are many things found inside our homes or offices that may contribute to air pollution.

Air contaminants may come from dirty vents, water damage, carpet, paint, and even printers or copy machines.

High levels of indoor air pollution can boost your risk of lung disease, heart attack, or cancer over time.

The growth of these contaminants can be controlled by monitoring the humidity in your house.

Indoor air quality testing frequently detects various air contaminants that are very harmful, and homeowners didn’t even know they were breathing in daily.

Some of the more problematic indoor airs are airborne viruses, dangerous gases, germs and bacteria, and allergens.

So, even if you are not experiencing any air pollution symptoms and don’t suspect that your home is polluted, it’s better to be more extra careful.

HVAC Cleveland Pros is here to help improve your indoor air quality!

Improve your indoor air quality and breathe more comfortably with the help from us, the HVAC Cleveland Pros.

We are indoor air quality specialists who deliver indoor air quality solutions to satisfy home and business owners’ needs, such as AC repair.

We will help you find the best solution for your home or indoor air quality problems.

HVAC Cleveland Pros offers a variety of solutions to help filter and humidify your air.

We are the best HVAC company in Cleveland in terms of indoor air quality specialists.

Our team employs only professionally trained indoor air quality specialists to help you keep the air you breathe affordable and easy to keep free of contaminants and pollutants.

We aim to protect you, your family, and those that enter your home from harmful airborne contaminants.

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We can send our indoor air quality specialists to your house or businesses to perform an AC repair at a reasonable price to rid your home of these contaminants and prevent these contaminants in the future.

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