Timely Tips For Your Air Conditioning

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Air conditioners have become an essential part of our homes and have helped us get through hot and cold days.

Aside from this, it also has tons of advantages to offer.

Air conditioners help improve your room’s air quality, thus reducing the adverse effects of asthma and allergies because it regulates the airflow.

Additionally, it prevents skin dryness, dehydration, and heat strokes.

This system lasts for a long time, so investing in your very own air conditioning system is not going to be a wrong decision.

You can enjoy your experience with your air conditioner for a long time if you take proper care of it.

Moreover, this incredible innovation is not hard to keep and maintain.

Here are a few timely tips for your air conditioning system if you own an air conditioning system.

Clean dirt and debris from the air conditioning system

It would be best if you never forgot to clean it.

After using it a lot of times, dust can accumulate.

Sometimes, the dust gets through the fans on the interior and to some other components.

This can create problems and damage your air conditioning system’s overall function, plus the repair value might double your expenses.

That is why it is crucial never to skip a cleaning day of your air conditioner.

You may call for an AC company or clean it yourself.

Clean the air filters

Cleaning the air filters of your air conditioning system is the most critical task in cleaning your air conditioner.

This component can get dusty and, as a result, slows down the air conditioning system.

It will produce less air, if not warm.

Thus, it is recommended to change your air filter every two weeks if your system is inside your home.

However, if the air conditioner is placed in more dusty places, the air filters should be cleaned more often.

Clean the coils of your air conditioner

The coils in your air conditioner, or the evaporator core, are responsible for absorbing heat and producing cold air.

Piled-up dirt affects the airflow and covers the coil, reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat.

You can clean the coil yourself using mild detergent and water.

However, since it is a vital part of your air conditioning system, it is best to leave the cleaning to HVAC companies’ professionals.

Unclog the drain tube

Evaporated air turns into the liquid inside the air conditioning system, and the water drains into the condensate drain tube.

However, if you observe water puddling around the furnace of your air conditioning system, you may have a clogged drain tube.

A clogged drain tube can form bacterias and algae that can develop a pretty bad smell.

You can flush your clogged drain tube using a vinegar solution, leave it for 30 minutes, and finally clean it.

It would be best if you repeated this every month.

Straighten the coil fins

Next on this list of timely tips for your air conditioning is straightening the coil fins.

The fins in the air conditioner are the one that sends the cool air to your home.

Bent fins reduce the efficiency of the system, and more heat is trapped within the unit.

As such, do not forget to check your coil fins from time to time to make sure it is in proper form to avoid expensive repairs.

Get a programmable thermostat.

If the thermostat feels the air rising, it will turn on your air conditioner to cool your place.

Using a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature to your comfort.

It allows you to set temperatures many times throughout the day, and it automatically lowers the room temperature if you need to save expenses.

Lessen the noise of your air conditioner

On the last of this list of timely tips for your air conditioning; you can quiet down a noisy air conditioner.

Usually, the worst noise comes from newer compressors.

You can lessen the noise of your air conditioner by placing a sound blanket.

Installation is easy, but it is best to call for HVAC companies to help you with this.

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