Quiet Air Conditioner Tips

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As time passed, air conditioners have slowly become more popular and more efficient in cooling than electric fans.

Compared to the latter, air conditioners can cool an area down in a matter of minutes with their advanced cooling system.

It also has more advanced features that make it more of a practical choice than choosing to purchase a mere electric fan.

With more advanced models, it can also turn into a heater for the cold winter days.

There is no doubt air conditioners are the way to go when looking for a cooling system for household and business purposes.

Although it has proven its efficiency, an air conditioner is still susceptible to damages especially when it does not follow a frequent maintenance schedule.

One of the most common problems faced by air conditioner owners is a noisy unit.

This could be very irritating, especially at night when everyone is trying to get some good night’s sleep.

There are various reasons as to why an air conditioner is creating so much noise.

With that, here are some quiet air conditioner tips to avoid disturbances within the household and with your neighbors.

Quiet fence installation

HVAC companies have noticed the persistent issues with a noisy air conditioning unit, which gave birth to the quiet fence.

A quiet fence was made to lessen the noises made by the air conditioning system.

The quiet fence is made out of the same material used in the soundproof walls in recording studios.

It dampens the sounds made by the outdoor unit, making it one of the most efficient and easiest quiet air conditioner tips.

This works by placing the quiet fence’s two-panel system around the machinery in an L or U shape.

Not only does it help in reducing the humming noise produced by air conditioners, but it can also be used to lessen the noise made by pool pumps and heaters.

By taking advantage of this technology, a good night’s sleep and less disturbance in the environment will be achieved in no time.

Using a sound blanket

One of the easiest DIY quiet air conditioner tips is by putting a sound blanket around the equipment.

Some may think that a blanket could lessen the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, but this is not the case.

A sound blanket may even improve the air conditioner’s circulation, reducing the chances of the unit overheating.

This can easily be installed by carefully wrapping the blanket around the compressor unit in a clockwise direction.

Make sure that the terminal box is also covered, and the compressor unit is completely covered for more effectiveness.

This is the best choice when looking for a cheap and easy way to reduce the buzzing noise made by air conditioners.

Get an upgrade

One of the most common reasons for a noisy air conditioner is an old or a damaged unit.

Without frequent maintenance, the air conditioner would be more prone to damages, such as leakage in the refrigerant or obstructions within the vents.

When these damages are left untreated, it will cause more damage to the entire air conditioner.

If the noises are caused by minor damages only, such as leaks or a faulty vent, it would be ideal to call for professional help.

Attending these damages alone would be very risky, so calling an AC company would be the safer and more practical choice.

Old units tend to produce more noise due to age, and unnoticed damages that were not repaired right away.

If this is the case, then maybe it is time to get an upgrade.

Aside from having more advanced features, purchasing a newer air conditioning model would ensure greater energy savings.

If you are looking to upgrade your old unit, a manual installation by a non-professional would be very risky so calling an AC company would be the most practical and safest choice.

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