How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Pets

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No household is complete without a family pet.

Just like every family member, the comfort and safety of pets should also be prioritized.

However, allowing the furry friend to roam around the living room or any other parts of the house can increase hair residue and animal dander.

That can cause problems with the indoor air quality that the household AC can provide to homes’ comfort.

As responsible home and pet owners, learning how to keep the AC cool and clean to provide excellent indoor air quality is necessary.

It’s a good thing HVAC provides reliable tips on how to improve your indoor air quality with pets.

Read through this article to learn more about keeping homes fresh and clean, even if living with pets.

Keep Pets Regularly Groomed

If the family pet is always kept inside the household, it’s always good to groom the furry friend regularly.

Doing maintained grooming sessions for the family pet can help reduce the pet dander and hair residue.

Animal dander is composed of microscopic flecks of skin shed by birds, dogs, cats, and other furry pets.

These dirt types can come off as irritating, especially for family members or visitors who are allergic to fur.

Moreover, pet dander can also be a severe household and health problem when neglected for a long time.

The microscopic flecks of fur can reach one’s lungs and can cause coughing or even sneezing.

Another issue would be the flecks going through the household’s AC system.

There have been reports from different air conditioner repair services around Cleveland in which the common issue is cleaning the AC’s air filters from pet dander.

Bathing pets twice a week and brushing their fur every once in a while can help lessen the fur droppings whenever they hang around the house.

Change AC’s Air Filter Regularly

Another tip that answers how to improve your indoor air quality with pets is to change the household’s air conditioner’s air filter regularly.

The HVAC air filters are responsible for trapping all the dust, dander, and dirt that tries to get inside the air conditioning unit.

Moreover, if homeowners fail to address the issue immediately, then all the dirt debris inside the air filter can cause clogging and spread the household particles.

Clogged filters can reduce the amount of airflow that comes out of the air conditioner’s vents.

Homeowners can change the filters once a month to help the trapped dust debris, allowing the air to flow freely throughout the household rooms finally.

Moreover, homeowners can also contact the local AC company to help out in cleaning the air conditioning unit.

If homeowners find it challenging to get the air conditioner filters cleaned up by themselves, it’s best to let a professional handle it.

Improve Air Quality with Dehumidifiers

No matter how many times homeowners clean their pets, the furry friends can still carry multitudes of germs and dust around them.

Purchasing a humidifier for the household can also be a great help on how to improve your indoor air quality with pets in the house.

Humidifiers can also help prevent humid temperatures that circulate the household on days when the weather outside is scorching.

Humidity builds fungi such as molds.

Those types of fungi can cause infection to the household furniture and the health of household pets.

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Living in a household with pets makes the family moments fun and memorable.

However, when it comes to the aftercare of the pets or the house’s air quality, that should also be a serious issue to consider.

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