How to Deal With Clogged Air Ducts

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One way to know that we have clogged air ducts is the room does not have the same “coolness” as before.

Another way is an increase in electric bill; it can say a lot about the status of our air ducts.

When these happen, don’t worry.

There are many ways to deal with these clogged air ducts.

Here’s how to deal with clogged air ducts, let us learn more.

Dealing with Clogged Air Ducts

As homeowners, we often experience congested air ducts being congested.

We always ask how to deal with clogged air ducts.

So, we have done some research and try different experiences on dealing with this problem.

One way to deal with the problem with your air ducts is to handle these things with care.

We have turned to a company in heating and air conditioning to have a basic knowledge about the possible ways.

We also experienced our air ducts being congested because of the buildup of things inside them.

If this is the reason, we highly recommend seeking professional help.

This help must come from cleaning services.

We recommend choosing a company that can help in ensuring the quality of temperature in your area.

Tools in Cleaning the Clogged Air Ducts

We also experienced dealing with clogged air ducts by ourselves.

One way to do this is by preparing the right things with us.

This will save us from consuming too much of our time.

Vacuum Cleaners are good tools.

We just see to it that it has a functional hose.

The next thing to prepare is a brush.

We have used an ordinary brush.

Our team has successfully done the procedure because this brush has good bristles.

The third tool is Screwdriver.

This has helped us in the unfastening of screws.

Another thing that we will not forget is the cleaning fabrics.

This has a purpose in wiping off the dust.

The last tool that we have prepared is the filter of the furnace.

There are instances where we experienced that there is a need to replace our furnace filter.

So, it is a must to choose a quality furnace filter.

Ways on dealing with Clogged Air Ducts

After we have prepared the necessary tools, another step is to do the procedures by ourselves.

This will help everyone a lot.

These are also ways on how to deal with clogged air ducts.

So, one must take a look at it.

Covering the registers of your supply is the first thing we do.

We do it by using the cleaning fabrics with us.

The ducts are in the process of cleaning.

So, we carefully prevent anything from entering it.

We did it by covering it with fabrics.

In covering the registers, we have lifted its grills.

The next thing that we do is to have the fan turned on.

We suggest that it is best to have your fan turned on before starting the process.

This will let the specks of dust go out as you clean.

However, we always see to it that we have switched off the supply.

Wiping off the dust of the register is the third step.

We have done seeing that the dust is already out.

So, we must clean the register.

The use of a brush or vacuum cleaner will depend on the amount of dust or things inside the register.

The next thing to do is to have the cleaned registers back.

Our team needed a screwdriver and a brush to do this.

Switching off the power is another step.

This will prevent any damage.

Having the air ducts cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner is the next procedure.

We have secured that our vacuum cleaner has its quality hose.

We have vacuumed every space.

We see to it that there are no spaces that are left uncleaned.

We have used a brush to wipe off the molds.

The blower compartment must also be cleaned, which can be done by using a vacuum cleaner.

Changing the filters of your Furnace is the last step.

We have observed that a filter that is not working will add a problem to the airflow.

So, it is a go-to change on how to deal with clogged air ducts.

Clogged air ducts are a problem that needs an immediate solution.

So, we have laid the different ways on how to deal with clogged air ducts.

One must know about resolving these issues to prevent some serious problems in the future.

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